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The chefs of Pakhuis, La Quincaillerie and Pleasures Boutique use the seasonal, fresh products from our farm to create dishes that resonate every day. Do you want to achieve spectacular culinary creations in the kitchen with first-rate traditional products? Then you can order a Bresse chicken or guinea fowl directly from our farm. Go over the offer, place your order, and get nature directly on your plate.

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Bresse chicken (AOP)

A Bresse chicken is given the time it needs to develop tastefully in a natural manner, with superior texture, particularly fine and tender meat, and enormously rich taste – a delicacy in every respect.

Guinea fowl

A Bresse guinea fowl is known for its particularly juicy flesh, rich diverse taste and pleasant texture. The meat is darker in colour, firm and tastes like wild pheasant, but somewhat juicier and more refined.

Bresse poulard AOP

My flesh is tender and juicy, my skin fine and pearly. 

Bresse Capon AOP

Best of the best!

Cochons Fermiers: Caissette mixte