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Taste the best of life

The umbrella brand ‘Pleasures’ was established after 25 years of sheer hard work on quality products and services. Pleasures comprises in particular two other brasseries (Pakhuis in Ghent and La Quincaillerie in Brussels), Pleasures Boutique in Sint-Martens-Latem, ‘Le Devant’ farm and the guesthouse ‘Laudonie’, both in France, Bresse chicken AOP, Principale beer, Kara Savi & Vertes des Bardières oysters, Piollot champagne, wines, and a number of other products whose development is in full swing. As of 2017, they all bear the Pleasures logo and share a uniform house style. 

Enjoy the best of life

You can ‘Enjoy the best of life’ with top chefs in the kitchen, products of impeccable quality straight from our farm, and with an extraordinary team of people who put the customer centre stage at each of our locations. 

A result to be rightfully proud of.

Dimitri De Cuyper, CEO Pleasures

Dimitri De Cuyper, CEO Pleasures

But the story does not stop with bringing all our brands under one common denominator. We continue to innovate, refine, improve and experiment.