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Bresse Capon AOP

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I am sold necessarily with the following identification marks: 

  • A ring on my left leg with the name and address of my breeder, 
  • A seal at the base of my neck, indicating the name of the accredited slaughterhouse, 
  • A specific Bresse capon label, 
  • A Bresse capon seal. 

I stem from the male chick of the Bresse Gauloise breed. I am fed maize, wheat and cereals guaranteed not to contain GMOs, stemming exclusively from Bresse, and dairy products (skimmed milk, buttermilk, …). I supplement this diet with products from my hunting grounds on vast meadows (10 m² per capon): larvae, worms, insects accompanied by grass.  

I live at least 8 months. I am caponed (castrated) for Easter. For the final fattening phase, I eat and rest in an “épinette” (a cage, usually of wood) for 4 weeks. 

I am packaged gutted and necessarily wrapped. 

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