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Bresse chicken (AOP)

Order online at Le Devant Farm

I am sold necessarily with the following identification marks: 

  • A ring on my left leg with the name and address of my breeder, 
  • A seal at the base of my neck, indicating the name of the accredited slaughterhouse, 
  • A specific gutted or ready-to-cook Bresse chicken label. 

I may stem from a male or female chick of the Bresse Gauloise breed. I am fed maize, wheat and cereals guaranteed not to contain GMOs, stemming exclusively from Bresse, and dairy products (skimmed milk, buttermilk, …). I supplement this diet with products from my hunting grounds on vast meadows (12 to 15 m² per chicken): larvae, worms, insects accompanied by grass. 

I live at least 4 months. After this free-range life for the final fattening phase, I eat and rest for a dozen days in an “épinette” (a cage, usually of wood). 

I am packaged gutted or ready to cook. 

Order online for collection

You have to pick up your order at Ferme Le Devant, Lieu dit Le Devant, route de Louhans 1210, La Chapelle-Naude, France.